Chaoran Feng

Master Student
Dalian University of Technology,
Peking University

Short Biography

I am currently a master student of Computer Science in Peking University, working under the mentorship of Dr.Yuan and this is the homepage of my group.Prior to this, I pursued my undergraduate studies at the School of Future Technology, Dalian University of Technology, majoring in Artificial Intelligence. My GPA was 3.8/4.0, ranking first out of 85 in my major and overall.I was awarded the National Scholarship for three consecutive years. Nowadays, My research involves 3D reconstruction for large scale scene and sparse views, 3D generation, SLAM, and spiking neural network.


Research Interest:



  1. EvaGaussians
    Wangbo Yu*, Chaoran Feng*, Tangji Ye, Xu Jia, Li Yuan†, Yonghong Tian†
    🔥 March,27,2024 ~ May,15,2024. 🔥
    The project is used to reconstruct 3D objects from 2D blurry images with event stream assisted, and get SOTA results on our made dataset.

  2. 3D Reconstruction
    Chaoran Feng, Wenyue Chen, Jianbin Zhao, Wangbo Yu, Li Yuan, Yonghong Tian
    🔥 May,15,2024. ~ Now🔥
    The project is about dynamicd scenes reconstrucation the Blurry Video of Mono-camera with event stream.

  3. Publications [Google Scholar][ORCID]

    1. NeuIPS 2023
      Zihang Shao, Chaoran Feng, Xuanye Fang, Yaxin Li, Jiangrong Shen, Qi Xu
      Proceedings of the 37th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems

    2. Contact

      Address: Peking university
      Address: 5 Yi He Yuan Lu, Hai Dian Qu, Bei Jing Shi, China, 100871
      Email: falcary(at)outlook.com

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